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Netflix in Australia

Without a doubt Netflix is the world’s number one Video on Demand streaming provider. Australian competitors such as Quickflix have nothing on Netflix in terms of users (23 million) and content.  Quickflix is starting to get closer but people are still demanding Netflix.


It appears that Netflix has made no plans to enter the Australian market anytime soon and even if Netflix did they would not be able to bring their whole catalogue with them due to copyright. Previous launches in Canada and the UK has shown how expensive licensing can be. The US still has the most content and most likely it will remain so for a long time to come.

Australian eager to try the service are using other methods to watch Netflix in Australia. The method basically allows the user to hide his or hers actual location and then sign up for the service and stream from Australia. So even if Netflix one day should decide to expand its business to Australia the Australians will never get access to the same amount of content.

The Netflix catalogue has more than 13000 titles available for streaming and new titles are being added regularly. Recently Netflix did a new deal with Twentieth Century Fox that will give Netflix access to lost of movies and TV shows from Fox Network – we are talking 24 and the likes.

We are going to keep on eye on when Netflix will be coming to Australia with regular news and articles.

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